Revolt in the Desert

Mini-Movie: Lawrence of Arabia

Lean: Action!

Lauruns: The Arabs were once a great people,

Hussein; Yeth, I often dream of the gardens of Andaluth

Lauruns: Yeth, but Andaluth is far from Damathcus

David Lean: Hold on! Cut! Alex, lose the lisp. You’re not Olivier and this isn’t Khartoum.

Guiness: Olivier is a poof hack.

Lean: And you Peter, what are you up to? You’re supposed to be a British officer.

O’Toole: Half the British officer corps lisps.

Guiness: He’s a poof too, David. Who wears eye makeup in the daytime? You should have stuck with Lawrence Harvey.

O’Toole: And you, you wee wanker, you should have stuck to Ealing comedies. Sean Connery playing it in a kilt would be a more convincing Hussein.

Lean: OK, enough. Let’s go to Ali’s big entry. Sharif?

Omar Sharif: Yeth, David?

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