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Getting Down With the Saudis 1980

If you think that all academics look the same, think again. Standing on the immigration line at the Jeddah airport I am immediately and instinctively identified—“Look for an attractive professor, possibly dressed like a vagrant or a disco dancer”– by a young man attired of course (all Saudis do in fact look alike) in an […]

A Guide for the Perplexed 1970

Before there was Lawrence of Arabia, there was Charles M. Doughty. Odd, but there it is: I stumbled over the horse before the flamboyant cart. At age twenty-five, in St. Louis, Missouri, remote from both desert and oasis, I opened a book and read: A new voice hailed me of an old friend when, first […]

The Holy Places of Jerusalem

When Jerusalem first appears in biblical history it is a town without a past, a newly conquered Jebusite settlement that David had made the capital of his still insecure Israelite kingdom. Today it is once again the capital of a Jewish state, but in the three millennia that separate the modern city from David’s cramped […]